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New Dawn Videos

Watch videos from New Dawn including the Grin & (Dr.) Barrett Vlog videos.

Grin & (Dr.) Barrett Vlog

Welcome! - Ep. 1

In this introduction to my new blog, Grin & (Dr.) Barrett, I give an overview of the purpose of the vlog as well as some background about myself. This blog is a resource for enhancing well-being by learning some tips, tools, and skills from a professional therapist.

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Grin & (Dr.) Barrett Vlog

What's Your Bah Humbug Phrase?- Ep. 2

Change is hard. Look no further than the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, for proof of just how difficult change can be. Join me as I dive into a quick exploration of change, avoidance, and effectiveness using Scrooge's famous phrase, "bah humbug." Ask yourself, "what is my bah humbug phrase?".

Grin & (Dr.) Barrett Vlog

Emotion Decision Point -
Ep. 3

Dealing with strong emotions, especially stress, can be hard. Learn ways of dealing with emotions so that you can move towards your goals and stay true to yourself and your values. Destress with these psych tips.

Two Sides of a Coin

Understanding the ACT Metaphor

Explore the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy metaphor of two sides of a coin. Pain and value are interconnected. You can't get rid of one without the other.

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