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New Dawn Videos

Watch videos from New Dawn including the Grin & (Dr.) Barrett Vlog videos.

Grin & (Dr.) Barrett Vlog

Welcome! - Ep. 1

In this introduction to my new blog, Grin & (Dr.) Barrett, I give an overview of the purpose of the vlog as well as some background about myself. This blog is a resource for enhancing well-being by learning some tips, tools, and skills from a professional therapist.

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Grin & (Dr.) Barrett Vlog

What's Your Bah Humbug Phrase?- Ep. 2

Change is hard. Look no further than the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, for proof of just how difficult change can be. Join me as I dive into a quick exploration of change, avoidance, and effectiveness using Scrooge's famous phrase, "bah humbug." Ask yourself, "what is my bah humbug phrase?".

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