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Payments, Rates, & Insurance

Information about ways of paying for my services is provided on this page. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email or call.


You have the option of paying for services without billing insurance. Add-on services may not be billable through insurance and will require self-pay. Fee schedules for certain add-on services are provided.

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You have the option of using insurance coverage to pay for services. Prior to starting treatment, you will need to check with your insurance carrier to make sure my services are covered under your plan. I can help with this if you need assistance.


Rates & Discounts

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Reach out (call, email, complete contact form) to learn more about specific rates. I offer some discounts. Eligibility and types of discounts can be discussed during the free intial consultation.

Enhanced Support Services (see service description page) are self-pay only. For a copy of the current fee schedule click here.

All potential clients who engage in a free initial consultation are provided with a good faith estimate of therapy services.

Rates & Discounts


I am currently a provider for the following insurance companies:

Mountain Range

Blue Cross Blue Shield 

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Payment Methods

I take credit cards (preferred*), checks, and cash

*Because New Dawn is a virtual practice, credit card payments tend to be easiest for clients and the practice.

Credit Card
Signing Check
Dollar Bills
Payment Methods

Insurance Questions

Before starting therapy it is important to check with your insurance provider to make sure you are covered for our sessions. In the slideshow I have compiled some information and resources that can be helpful when discussing your benefits and coverage with your insurance carrier. You can also download a copy of the questions and information here. I have included a link to an especially helpful article.

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Is Dr. Barrett in-network on my plan?

Insurance Coverage Information

The insurance company may ask you for certain information. Some of the typical information you may need is provided in the slideshow below. You can download a copy here.

Shadow on the Wall

Provider Name: Caitilin Barrett, Ph.D.

Insuance Questions & Information
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